Just For Kids Festival at Seaworld

Just For Kids Festival at SeaWorld Orlando will spark your child's imagination through the lineup of activities the park has set for them.

Give your children this unique encounter, a festival of fun and facts.

Singing, dancing and play time activities is what awaits them.

Let them take part in this festival focused on the park's young visitors.

They will observe live shows, make the acquaintance with cuddly animals, enjoy the lively music and ride some kid sized rides.

Program Schedule

This special starts on consecutive Saturdays from March 22, 2014 and ends on April 12, 2014.

The concerts are at 11am, 2pm, and 4pm in the Nautilus Theater.

The Just For Kids Festival is included in your admission ticket

It promises to be packed with kid style lineup of entertainment, activities and more.

The Imagination Movers' goal is to make the kids' concert experience one of the most memorable.

Listen to their catchy original songs, interactive music and classic comedy with a message.

Laurie Berkner, singer-songwriter who is well known a children's musical artist, and an admired kindle rock artist.

She is sure to excite the crowd with her striking performance.

Choo Choo Soul & Genevieve

Be entertained by the Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve's performance of children's songs.

Artis Genevieve Goings delivers great messages with kid-friendly hip hop songs of learning manners, numbers, the alphabets and such.

In addition to these special guests, there are many live stage shows and activities for all.

There is a dance party with sea creatures, craft stations,and character photo booths..

Children are going to be entertained with these kid friendly acts.

Even though the performers on the first three Saturdays were already revealed, there is no news yet on who will be at the festival on February 2.

These four Saturday will surely make a mark in your child’s memory.

In addition to these guests, there are live shows and other activities for your kids.

A dance party with sea creatures, craft stations, and character photo booths are what they can take part on.

Kid Size Rides

Kid Size Rides are a child's favorite activity.

Let them be carried away on a pleasant adventures on the Jazzy Jellies, Net Climb, Sea Carousel, Paddle Boats, Swishy Fishy and Shamus’s Happy Harbor.

These are perfect escapades for the kids.

For a more educational experience, visit the Dolphins Up-Close and Penguin Up-Close tour to learn about these beautiful creatures.

With this, they will learn about animals while having fun.

To remind your kids of their great day at Just for Kids SeaWorld Orlando shop at the stores for souvenir items.


Dine with adventure in mind.

Meal time for the kids is a chance to eat at Shamu and Sharks Underwater Grill.

Appreciate the fascinating view of the sharks and watch whales leap as you dine with family and friends.

Visit Just for Kids Festival SeaWorld Orland for great performances, music, dance and fun memories to cherish.

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