Kraken Roller Coaster at Seaworld

Kraken is a monster roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando.

This coaster is unique from other rides because it is floorless.

Your feet will dangle in the air.

There are only 13 floorless coasters in the world.

Kraken is the second longest roller coaster in Florida.

This coasters theme is about a legendary sea monster known as Kraken.

The myth dates back several centuries.

Historians associate these creatures with giant squids sighted in Norway and Greenland.

These sea beasts became fictional characters in many literary works.

Serpentís Lagoon

The sea monsters attacked ships.

Giant creatures coiled around the ship and submerged it in the ocean.

The roller coaster resembles these sea monsters.

The track coils around the park like tentacles.

The track looms over the Serpent’s Lagoon.

The lagoon contains eels.

These creatures symbolize the sea monster theme.

A giant sculpture of Kraken slithers over the entrance.

You will notice the monster’s head with sharp teeth and glaring blue eyes.

Walk through immaculate artwork.

Observe the sea monster theme in this section of Kracken.

Start the tour from the queue area.

Walk to the loading platform in the giantís den.

Ride Details

The train has eight cars with four seats in each row.

Each train seats 32 guests per ride.

Sit in the car and lower the restraining bar.

An attendant performs a safety check.

The floor disappears a few seconds later.

The train rattles out of the station and turns left.

You climb a steep hill.

The ground below becomes tiny as you go further up in the sky.

A breathtaking view of the sky greets you.

Below, the lagoon looks peaceful and majestic.

You descend slowly and make a right turn.

The train drops over 100 feet towards the first inversion.

Observe the track coil ahead as you go into the vertical loop.

Grab the sidebars of the vest like harness as you drop into the vertical loop.

You spend a few seconds upside down before you drop into the diving loop.

An on-ride camera captures this moment for riders.

You can collect a picture as you exit later.

You turn right and head to the barrel roll.

Enter the cobra roll and the zero gravity roll.

The coaster slows down.

The rides speed then decreases before entering into the series of rolls, turns and bends through Krakens lair.

These inversions heighten your excitement as you travel under walls and loops.

You spend several seconds upside down.

Plunge down a rocky tunnel with waterfalls.

The train climbs a small hill and heads to the station.

The sea creatures sculpture extends to the exit area.

Globe aquariums sit inside a cave.

These spheres represent sea monster eggs.

The ride takes about 2 minutes and two seconds.

The train can accommodate 1500 riders every hour.

There are seven inversions in all.

The height restriction is a minimum of 54 inches.

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