Manta Aquarium SeaWorld Orlando

Manta Aquarium captures the manta rays’ theme exhibited in the popular Manta roller coaster.

About 300 rays live in this lagoon.

Watch these flat-bellied creatures swim close to the glass.

Marvel at roughtail, giant guitarfish and shark rays among others that illuminate the area.

The names loosely define the shape of these creatures.

Notice the varied forms swimming in the water.

View some of the popular ray species that are part of the 500 types found in the world.

Manta Rays

The rays are part of the 3000 sea animals that inhabit 10 aquariums in this attraction.

Experience an exceptional under the sea tour without getting wet.

Enjoy unlimited access upon entry into the amusement park.

You may tour the lagoon before heading to the thrill ride, or pass through to the queue area for the upside down roller coaster.

Expect a close encounter with many marine animals.

Enter the aquarium from the passage separated from Manta.

The entrance indicates the start of an under world exploration.

Glance at a sculptured ray pinned on the pillar.

The Ponds

Walk into the air-conditioned artificial pond built under the track of the ride.

Enjoy a moment away from the heat outdoors.

Floor to ceiling acrylic glass transforms the pond into an under the water world.

Light from the pond illuminates the semi-dark way.

Rays dance in the pond.

Light falls on these species.

These mantas light up the room.

The reflections create a blend of colors.

See the reflections change as you head to sections with different lighting.

Children Can Explore

Spend time walking by the pond to explore its depths.

Children and their parents have something to share and enjoy in this venue.

Children enter a pop-up pond for a closer look at the sea creatures.

The transparent booth pops into the pond creating an up close look at the inhabitants.

Walk to different viewing panels in the room.

Each panel houses a different species.

The spacious area provides a panoramic view for all.

Learn about the creatures from the staff members in the hall.

View dozens of sea plants that form the backdrop of the ocean.

Coral reefs grow in one part of the exhibit.

Watch weedy sea dragons swim in the water.

These strange looking animals look a lot like seahorses.

Observe a wide range of seaweeds as they blossom.

See eggs hatched on plants and at the bottom of the surreal ocean.

Species of fish swim overhead amidst an intricate blend of rays.

Observe pipefish, clownfish, cardinal fish and other species bring out a blend of color and variety in the pool.

The fish vary in size.

A giant octopus rests in one of the tanks.

The creature’s tentacles move over the sand raising particles into the water.

Spend several minutes in each section of the lagoon.

Visit the Manta aquarium to connect with the underwater world at Seworld.

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