Manta SeaWorld Orlando

Manta is a thrill ride at SeaWorld Orlando.

This attraction combines a tour of an aquarium with a face down roller coaster adventure.

It has an eye catching aquatic theme.

The track is blue in color.

The design of the ride resembles the swaying and gliding motion created by mantas.

There are four major inversions.

Twist & Turns

The roller coaster travels through a pretzel loop, two inline twists and one corkscrew.

Designers added a ray shaped like wing to the first car.

Trains hang under the track.

Start your tour at the aquarium.

There are ten artificial ponds with thousands of sea animals.

Glance at sea horses and sea dragons as you marvel at the intricate design of the underwater ponds.

Light hits the water and reflects on the walls.

It creates a scenic passageway.

This prepares you for the manta thrill ahead.

Walk through a narrow passageway of Plexiglas.

Here you will observe sea animals swim by you in a rainbow of colors.

Colored rays illuminate the aquarium and the passage.

You can access this side of the attraction without going to the queue of the flying coaster.

Skip this if you want to go directly on the ride by heading down the stairs to reach the queue area.

The Ride

The trains leave from two stations.

Hop on the train and pull down the vest like restraining bar.

The seats face forward.

Restraints hold your feet in place with your knees in a slightly bent position.

Attendants perform a safety check.

An audio alert signals a transition as the train starts to flips over.

Hold on tight to the bar as the car tilts into a nosedive position.

Your head is next to the other rider’s feet.

You climb the first lift with your face looking at the concrete floor.

There is a scenic view below.

Observe visitors, buildings and other attractions in the theme park from above.

The scene changes to a clear sky.

Manta is one of the longest lift hills in the world. 

The drop is over 100 feet.

It seems like the train is about to crash into the ground.

The train climbs into the pretzel loop.

Feel the rush of air as you soar into the sky.

The train turns left and makes another turn into the inline twist.

Proceed into the corkscrew and nosedive over the water.

A fountain springs from the pond.

You briefly fly sideways.

Be prepared to get a little wet, if you are sitting on the right side of the train.

Barely avoid a crash as you fly past a wall with a waterfall.

Enter another corkscrew before heading head to the station.

Friction brakes slow down the train and sand on the track reduces the noise generated.

Manta is over 3,000 feet long.

The train flies at 56 miles per hour.

There are three trains with eight cars in each.

Each train seats 32 riders.

The ride is two and a half minutes long.

Riders must be above 54 inches.

Manta can accommodate 1500 riders every hour.

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