Mako: SeaWorld's Newest Rollercoaster

A third rollercoaster will be a welcome addition to the SeaWorld Orlando theme park in 2016. 

The new coaster -Mako- is being advertized as the tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando. 

The growing diversification of attractions at the park shows their comprehension of park guest’s interests in thrill rides.

A Huge Thrill Addition

The new coaster is based on mako sharks, which are known for their speediness and ability to change course quickly.

The 200-foot-tall coaster shows that SeaWorld is changing with the times.

With the challenges faced from negative publicity over animal treatment and competition amongst other parks in the area this is the ideal time for an announcement like this.

#Nothing Faster

Ride Details

The coaster's track will be 4,760 feet long.

Although there are no upside-down elements on the new ride, it has been engineered to create multiple sections of weightlessness.

This lap bar only coaster will leave you feeling as though you will fly out at any moment, making it a must ride rollercoaster for thrill seekers.

Along with long tracks and lots of altitude change you will also zip by animals, including the Shark Encounter attraction.

The goal is to integrate thrill rides into the marine animal experience, not detract from the animals that have made the park famous.

Sharks Realm, a shipwreck themed area will be created; the coaster will pass this attraction.

Even though it will only hold the title as Orlando’s tallest coaster for a year, when SkyPlaza’s Skyscraper will take thrill seekers up 500 feet.

Mako will join Kraken (2000) and Manta (2009), but overshadow them by at least 51 feet.

Don’t Forget The Animals

This is largest change to the parks landscape since Antarctica land  - which is a motion ride followed by an exhibit containing live penguins – opened in 2013.

There is a lot to see and do at SeaWorld and they are working to create an environment that guests can enjoy while also supporting animal life. 

Unlike their local competitors, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, it is offering a niche experience.

Yes, King Kong and Avatar are coming to Orlando area theme parks, but they do not have the animal component that SeaWorld does. 

SeaWorld Rebranding Continues

There are not any other places in the area where you can go from a rollercoaster to petting dolphins and feeding sea lions in a matter of minutes.

As SeaWorld continues to focus on its rebranding efforts you can expect for changes to its parks that will be seen over the next few years.

With every guest that visits SeaWorld you know that a portion of the ticket price is going toward the safety and rehabilitation of marine animals.

The park continues to word diligently to ensure the safety and prosperity of all marine animals.

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