One Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando

The One Ocean experience is something you need to be sure to see when you are at SeaWorld Orlando.

Based on one of the most iconic images in the ocean, the Shamu show has delighted audiences for years.

No one can doubt the power of Orcas as they glide smoothly under and on top of the water, and the raw energy they exhibit as they jump and splash are inspiring.

If you think this is simply another typical show with sea creatures, then you are in for a surprise.

Some of SeaWorld's attractions are meant to give you an education, some are meant to just be fun, but this attraction is meant to inspire.

You will be talking about this performance for the rest of the day, especially if you are still drying off from sitting close to the action.

Yes, this unexpected element is included!

Do not be surprised if the musical score also has you humming tunes all day long as three distinct and fun songs were written just for this show.

The show is a huge draw, so make sure you arrive early to get the best seats.

50 Fountains and Geysers

As the orcas perform they will be accompanied by upwards of fifty fountains and geysers, spraying water in sync to the playful killer whales and bringing the entire audience to its feet in applause.

These fountains spray almost 50 feet across the giant pool and work in concert with the music and lights to create this unforgettable experience.

There is, of course, the chance to get wet and those wishing to either enjoy this aspect or refrain from it need to choose their seating considering this fact.

Look for the signs pointing out the “Soak Zone” and you will be directed to the appropriate area.

As always, handicap access is available.

3 Part Performance

The point of the performance is really three fold: enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures, draw closer to one another as we see how we are all connected as “One” on this planet, and to bring memories of a day well spent to each family.

This is a truly inspiring moment as you leave this production.

You will experience a special connection with everything in the ocean, hence the name “One Ocean”.

It is equally impressive that you will feel you are a part of this as well, making us all part of one planet.

To accomplish this there is, of course, the fabulous music but the show offers to so much more.

To bring the full effect into balance, they first have the mighty orcas.

Trainers are not yet in the water with them, but they are right alongside and interact quite a bit with the whales.

Add to this the jetting fountains, some of which surprise spectators in the front as they pop out in their midst.

On top of these effects are large screens filled with LED panels and they are used extensively throughout the performance.

Add it all together and it is the jaw dropping and awe inspiring show you have come to expect from SeaWorld.

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