Pacific Point Preserve at SeaWorld Orlando

Pacific Point Preserve is an attraction that literary takes you to the Northern Pacific Coast.

Mingle with wild aquatic animals in a unique natural setting.

This experience differs from a visit to other places in SeaWorld.

The animals here are untamed.

This aquarium serves as a fun spot for marine lovers, as well as an educational venue to learn about two popular species, sea lions and seals.

The design of this exhibit resembles the natural shore of the Pacific.

The team traveled to the actual shore to draw inspiration for this aquarium.

Stroll through the two-acre park just as you would along the beach.

A sculptured sea lion sits at the entrance.

Rocks curve along the shore between water and taller cliffs.

A machine generates artificial waves on the water to replicate the breeze in the ocean.

You can see the Kraken track a few feet from this open-air aquarium.

Discover the joy of watching many marine mammals, as you take in the cool breeze of the open space and the sun.

The marine animals live within this shoreline, on the rocks and in the water.

A perimeter wall keeps guest away from the water's edge.

There are over 50 marine mammals in this pond.

Sea Lions & Seals

Enjoy the excitement of observing the sea lions frolicking.

View the young and old mammals bask on the rocks.

Some animals bask within arm’s reach from the perimeter.

Glance at their jellylike shine resulting from a life underwater.

These creatures jump back into the water after a while, and they resurface again for some sun.

However, the oceanic herd does not disappear into the water all at once.

Listen to Their Musical Cries

The sounds of different animals mingle to create strange but exciting tunes.

Young visitors tend to imitate these noises.

Feeding Session

For an exceptional experience, feed the animals with fish.

Watch out for birds that hover over the water to snatch food from the sea lions.

These wood stock birds are perched on the rocky contour awaiting a treat.

The feeding session takes place several times daily.

The staff assists guests as they toss fish at the animals.

Buy a bucketful of fish and watch the animals chew up each morsel.

Watch the handlers tend to these mammals.

These professionals have mastered the art of dealing with wild marine animals.

The handlers even feed old sea lions.

You have unlimited access in this exhibit.

The educators offer information about everything you want to know about sea lions and seals.

Children and their parents will enjoy the Pacific Point Preserve.

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