Pets Ahoy Animal Show at SeaWorld

Pets Ahoy is a very entertaining animal show at SeaWorld.

Experience a unique attraction as several breeds of animals perform stunts on stage.

Trainers direct over18 cats, dogs, birds, a skunk and a pig.

These talented characters came from animal shelters.

The show is 25 minutes long and is located in the Seaport Theater.

The arena has an elevated stage.

Action on the set is visible from all sides of the theater.

The set resembles a seaside village.

There are wooden houses representing a town center, and a lighthouse.

These structures are painted blue, white, green and other bright colors.

Overhead lights illuminate the podium.

Watch the animals scurry into the stage.

Cats & Dogs

Cats and dogs dash up a flight of stairs.

They enter into doors and windows. The session starts with several stunts.

Observe as a trainer skips rope with a Dalmatian.

The dog jumps skillfully.

A cat scurries up a post that towers over the set.

See it hop from the post onto the trainer’s shoulder.

These animals get a treat after every stunt.

One lucky dog gets several treats.

The dog rolls on the ground to the sound of a music player.

These animals show off their skills with each stunt.


A doctor creates a hilarious moment in the show.

She heads out for lunch with her pet.

The cunning animal eats her food when she is not looking.

The pet maneuvers out of the dog collar and runs up the stairs to her food.

It wears the collar back.

The two enter a series of coordinated moves when the doctor suspects the mischievous pet.

Laugh at the irate doctor when the pet bites a giant hot dog and scampers backstage.

You will notice the experience and agility of the characters in this comical show.

A trainer gives orders to one star to carry out a number of chores.

See the dog dart up the stairs to the ATM machine, make a call and buy flowers.

He jumps onto a jeep and heads off the stage to meet his girlfriend.

The set explodes into nonstop action.

A cat walks on a rope over the audience and into the platform.

It drops down a post and runs up the stairs.

Another cat opens a window and birds fly out into the arena.

A Dalmatian rolls the handle of a hot dog cart and animals dash out.

Other cats pop in and out of windows and doors.

The coordinated stunts leave you in stitches.

A cat or dog pops out as soon as another one enters.

These characters rush backstage.

The animals run on the roof of the village buildings, into a chimney and out of barrels.

They jump into a roll of ropes.

The theater turns into a circus of daring acts.

Laugh at one tiny cat that walks around the podium.

The animal characters dominate the show.

Trainers appear when necessary in the performance.

Each animal has a unique character.

 For children, Pets Ahoy is a chance to interact with intelligent pets.

This attraction is fit for your whole family.

You can meet the stars off stage at the end of the show.

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