Shark Encounter SeaWorld Orlando

Shark Encounter is an attraction at SeaWorld Orlando.

Travel to the land under water as you watch different sea life species in their natural habitat.

The park recreates elements of the ocean so that visitors can learn and have fun during the excursion.

Unlike other attractions in SeaWorld, Shark Encounter is not entirely for entertainment because it encourages guests to conserve sea life.

You will notice when you enter this park that the theme is oceanic.

The entrance bears a large sign in blue and white colors.

These colors appear on several areas of the exhibit as well.

One of the rooms blends turquoise and blue colors.

The focus is the predatory sea animal known as the shark.

As the name suggests you will meet face to face.

Prepare for a hair-raising experience as you breathe within inches of this menacing sea animal’s sharp teeth.

Aquarium Tour

Enjoy the memorable aquarium tour.

This close interaction with real sea creatures of the sea as opposed to pictures or motion graphics is special, educational and fun.

Experience the thrill to have reviled ocean giants swim nearby.

This is an easygoing, carefree journey for you to capture some precious moments with sharks.

Enter the venue through a dark entrance with interesting facts about sharks displayed on the walls.

Walk through one of the planet’s largest underwater viewing tunnels

View dozens of sharks, fish, eels and other animals floating around you.

This sturdy tunnel is 60-feet of glass.

The large acrylic glass walls allow you a great view.

Mantra rays illuminate the passage.

These rays turn it into an under water aquarium.

Light peeps in from the roof before it reflects onto the surface in the tunnel.

Large sized plants come to life.

These plants offer varied landscape and color to the aquarium.

At the end of the tunnel, enter a room with a number of interesting activities.

Learning Experience

Learn about the ocean and its flora and fauna from the wealth of information available.

Read the educational materials on the walls.

Watch different species of animals and plants in large aquariums.

There are more species of sea life on all sides of the walls.

Egg Candle Aquarium

Discover the hatching process of sharks in the egg candle aquarium.

Eggs are perched on the rocks in a dimly lit area.

These educational exhibits incorporate modern technology.

Pictures of eels and other animals line the ceiling of the room.

Lights illuminate and reflect these images onto the floor.

Pose for a picture in the pop up section.

Crawl into a set of shark teeth for a photo opportunity.

The illusion of your head between sharp jaws is a great souvenir.

Observe sculptures of sharks on the walls as you maneuver your way to the next room.

Walk through to the open aquarium.

Watch species of fish and sharks in the water below.

This activity is suitable for all people because it is interactive, educational but not tiring.

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