Sky Tower at SeaWorld Orlando

The Sky Tower offers a ride over the attractions in SeaWorld.

Nevertheless, this sight towers over skyscrapers in Orlando.

The view from the top creates a picturesque layout of the theme park.

This landmark at 400 feet makes it the tallest observation tower in Florida.

Enjoy a leisurely ascent for a bird’s eye view of the theme park.

Take this trip before or after a visit to SeaWorld’s major attractions.

The sky view allows you a chance to scout out Kraken or other thrilling rides.

Take the time to discover the proximity of your next destination.

Entry into the tower clearly states there is a unique experience ahead.

The entrance echoes the theme of a high-rise landmark.

Climb onto a two-deck podium.

The platform accommodates about 50 guests.

Panoramic Views

There are wide windows to avoid overcrowding or limited view of the landscape.

The wide windows provide unobstructed panoramic views of the landscape.

Sit in the circular platform behind a transparent window.

The upper platform is 10-feet higher view than the lower platform, providing a greater view.

A recorded soundtrack plays a safety message and points out the notable attractions as you ascend.

The platform ascends rapidly in a 360 rotation around the tower.

The slow climb allows you sufficient time to take in the surrounding and a great photo opportunity.

You will not notice the podium rotations are vey smooth.

Stunning Views of Kraken, Manta & Shamu Stadium

Observe Kraken’s layout sprawled on a considerable part of SeaWorld.

You might see riders as they maneuver this roller coaster.

Kraken’s tallest loop is almost half the height of the tower.

View the track’s intricate layout that meanders over the Serpent Lagoon.

View Manta’s track that stretches thousands of feet on the ground.

This roller coaster contains unrivalled features because of its face down design.

The train might do a nosedive over the fountain as you watch.

You also identify Shamu Stadium with its large pool.

Whales perform stunts in the water in front of a live audience.

From above, Shamu Stadium looks like a pool with an arena on one side.

Get a sneak peak of Aquatica Water Park.

The most popular ride here is the Dolphin Plunge.

Riders slide into a pool of dolphins.

There is a children’s play area.

Discovery Cove is a short distance away.

Lush greenery winds along the bank of the river.

Watch the blend of pools and vegetation in this resort.

As the deck ascends higher, look at scenic places beyond Orlando.

Though their size reduces considerably, the backdrop is magical.

Every minute in the sky creates an excitement as the platform rotates to reveal a different outlook.

The ride takes about six and a half minutes.

The tower turns into a large Christmas tree annually.

Decorations and lights cover every inch.

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