Summer Nights at SeaWorld Orlando

Summer Nights at SeaWorld are the best place to spend your sunsets.

The theme park offers amazing night time shows that will take your breath away.

From the amazing Shamu Rocks, Reflections shows and the magnificent Sea Lions Tonight, these shows will keep your energy and excitement

Make sure to include a visit to this awesome park between June and August 11, 2013.

Shamu Rocks

Apart from the many attractions and activities you can do in the park, Summer Nights provide you with out of this world shows you can’t find anywhere.

Shamu Rocks is a one of a kind concert you should not miss.

Watch as the killer whale splash out of the water in tune to the rock and roll music.

The lighting effects make the experience more magical.

If Shamu already shook the night away, Sea Lions Tonight with Clyde and Seamore make your night livlier.

Their crazy antics will leave you laughing out loud for the duration of the show.

 For a splendid way to end your evening, the Reflections show along the Waterfront Village provides you a show of colors you have never imagined.

This amazing view can also be enjoyed in the Bayside Stadium.

 From animated fountains to colorful fireworks, the night sky has never been this alive before.

All the extra fun is bundled with your regular admission pass, so you can still enjoy the other amenities of the park in your stay.

While waiting for the show, maximize your stay at SeaWorld through enjoying the different sites in the park.


Experiencing the different rides is never old school at this place.

Thrill seekers will find the rush of blood they need from the adventure rides that is fit for the brave.

Find your spot in Kraken, Mantra, or Journey to Atlantis to measure how fearless you are.

For young visitors, kid-size rides are good stopovers.

Jazzy Jellies, Ocean Commotion, Paddle Boats, Sea Carousel, and Shamu’s Happy Harbor will never lose its charm.

This will give your child the power up they need.

If you get hungry, the park also offers numerous food locations you can choose from.

Whether you are looking for a grab and go food or a fine dining experience, there is an eating area for you.

A unique experience is what Summer Nights at SeaWorld in 2013 offers.

Take time to be part in this one of a kind occasion.

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