Turtle Trek at SeaWorld Orlando

There are so many reasons why visitors need to make a point of visiting SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld’s Turtle Trek is a unique and truly breathtaking experience.

This fully simulated 360 degrees 3D environment allows visitors to follow the life of a sea turtle.

The amazing technology permits visitors to a live theatre.

They’re incorporated in a firsthand underwater adventure.

The powerful projectors, audio and 3D computer generated sea creatures consume visitors with its  breathtaking and appealing beauty.

The movie shows the journey turtles make throughout their lives, from the well-known dash down the beach immediately after they hatch, to their mysterious activities underwater.

Inside the atmospheric dome theater, visitors discover an active underwater world that is full of delightful sea creatures.

On this incredible tour, guests face various challenges in this immersive attraction.

It is a truly amazing experience that is impossible to describe in words, one has to see it firsthand to truly understand what it entails.


The exhibit includes two types of endangered sea turtle, the Green sea turtle and the Hawksbill sea turtle.

At the Turtle Trek attraction, both types of sea turtle can be viewed from all angles at the one of a kind water window.

The common perception is that turtles are slow creatures, but guests will be amazed at their agility in the water.

The story is told from the point of view of one very likeable turtle, which will help children understand and fully enjoy the attraction.

Many have accurately described Turtle Trek as an inspirational experience.

If you are visiting Orlando, Florida, then SeaWorld should not be missed and the Turtle Trek exhibit is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip!

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