Viva la Música at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld's Viva la Música concert series provides the best Latin cultural entertainment and authentic food to guest.

The musical festival runs on select Saturday afternoons in April & May at the Bayside stadium.

Concerts start promptly at 3 pm on the smaller stage.

The artists here get the crowd pumped and moving on the dance floor.

Grab your food and beverages on your way to find seats.

You want to find a seat in the stadium early - this will give you a better chance at being front and center view during the show, seats fill up quickly.

In the event of rain, the concert will be moved to Nautilus Theater.

The festive occasion includes headliners, great food and spectacular music.

Celebrate the Latin culture and the lively beat of the night during this annual event.

Internationally well-known musical artists perform their latest crowd pleasing hits.

The concerts are included in the admission price to SeaWorld.

Latin Food

Chef Hector Colon oversees the delectable food preparation.

The delectable food items on the menu consist of Lechon, arroz con gandules y pasteles, arroz con pollo, habichelas rojas y maduros, mofonga con carne frita, alcapurrias and bacalaitos.

Piraguagas and cold cervezas (beer) will keep you cool and feeling refreshed.

This springtime affair is sure to lift your spirits.


#VivaLaMusica #Seaworld You really want to try as much of the delicious food as possible. The empanadillas are great snacks that don't even require a plate to enjoy.
#VivaLaMusica #Seaworld You really want to try as much of the delicious food as possible. The empanadillas are great snacks that don't even require a plate to enjoy.
#VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Shop vendors sell everything from drinks and art to toys for the kids. While kids may not enjoy the concert as much as the adults in the group they can still spend their time listening to music and playing with a new toy! #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld If you don′t know what any of the items are since everything on the signage is in Spanish you can ask the counter person for a description of the items. You won′t be disappointed with the offerings. Try a pincho and cold cerveza to start. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld The outer stadium seats are the furthest from the stage, but they make it easy to move about and there are monitors just to the left of the stairs so you can still see the performers up close. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld What are the seats for? Who knows, maybe to hold your bag. Once the concert starts at SeaWorld Viva La Musica you will find that everyone is off their feet! #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Once the concert starts you may not even want to take a seat. Grab your partner and dance along to the music, there's nothing like grooving to your favorite songs sung live on stage. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld If you are active on social media SeaWorld want to see all the great photos and videos from your day at the festival. When you upload photos be sure to use their hashtags. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld This secondary stage is also a great place to get your dance. The DJ plays Latin tunes between live performance sets. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Beer, sodas and pineapples filled with deliciously cold libations will make you feel as though you are in a tropical paradise #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld The pre-show performers are world class. This performer, Narada Owens, has performed around the world prior to his residency at SeaWorld. #VivaLaMusica15 #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld The pre-show is just as good as the main event and Bayside Stadium quickly fills up. If you want floor seating you can reserve those seats for a few extra bucks. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Every weekend there is a great live concert. Grab your seat early if you want a front stadium view! #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Want to try something a little more eclectic? Buy a Bacalaito and enjoy some delicious fried fish. They're very popular in Puerto Rico. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld A party isn't a party without a fresh Mojito or Cuba Libre. You're in luck because they're both available at the festival. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Admire the lovely artwork as you stroll through the festival or while you're waiting in line to buy your food. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld Get your share of Latin cuisine and buy a few trinkets before you head to the stadium for the concert. #VivaLaMusica #Seaworld During Viva La Musica at SeaWorld a section of the park becomes a colorful, tropical paradise.

2016 Announced Viva La Musica Line up

  • Saturday May 7 - Willie Colon
  • Saturday May 14 - Wisin


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