Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens

The Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida strikes at the heart of what the park is all about - protecting, conserving and caring for animals.

The state-of-the-art facility provides a means for the park’s dedicated staff to care for the 2,000 animals who call Busch Gardens home.

Wellness Checks & Surgery

Each day sees a different set of activities take place at the Animal Care Center, ranging from routine wellness checks to surgery.

Busch Gardens guests are welcome to visit the center and see all the great work that the veterinary staff do everyday.

Because of the center’s dynamic nature, it’s impossible to predict what you’ll see on the day of your visit.

As a general rule however, surgeries are typically scheduled in the morning.

This leaves the rest of the afternoon open for the center to handle any emergency cases that might come through.

Sunday is also usually the slowest day of the week in terms of activity at the center.

A variety of animals go through the center each day on routine checkups and diagnostics, meaning that on any given trip you could see a bald eagle in surgery or a cheetah coming in for a checkup.

Animal Care Centerís Kitchen

In the afternoons guests can attend a presentation at the Animal Care Center’s kitchen, where the staff create and prepare nutritious meals for the 300 species at the park.

While Busch Gardens has plenty of thrilling rides and attractions on offer, it’s also nice to see the incredible work that its staff does to care for and protect animals.

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