Cheetah Run Animal Encounter

Cheetah Run is an animal encounter experience at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida that is suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

It allows park visitors to see cheetahs in their elements as they race at incredible speeds across a specially-built habitat.

You can choose between a number of different seating and viewing areas that all allow you to observe cheetahs from incredibly close up.

Animal Handlers

An experienced animal handler who permits the cheetahs to show off their natural running abilities leads the encounter.

The Cheetah Run Animal Encounter features cheetahs who were hand raised by people from birth and are used to human presence and interaction.

Occasionally, cheetah cubs being raised at Busch Gardens also make appearances at Cheetah Run and they are definitely a favorite with guests.

The encounter is beneficial for both visitors and the animals as it focuses on education and awareness of endangered animals and also provides a way for the cheetahs to exercise.

Handlers let the cheetahs chase after balls and other objects in order to satisfy their hunting instinct and let them stretch their legs.

Before making plans to visit the encounter, it is probably best to ask a Busch Gardens educator when the cheetahs will be running so you can get the best possible experience out of the visit.

In order to get as close to the cheetahs as possible, try and secure a spot near one of the two main windows in the encounter.

These will provide you with a ground-level view of the cheetahs and chances are that you’ll be able to get within inches of these amazing animals.

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