Congo River Rapids is a Child Friendly Ride

Congo River Rapids is a whitewater rafting experience at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

You embark on this wet ride on a circular raft that seats 12 people.

Rafts are released in a staggered manner to prevent overcrowding on the river.

At the center of the raft is a handle for you to hold onto while you spin and splash your way around the river.

White Water Action

As you float down the river, your raft will be at the mercy of the rapids and encounter elevation changes, and swirls of white water in addition to periods of calm.

You’ll be surrounded by overhanging trees and native African plant life throughout the ride and there are portions of the river that make you feel as if you really are in the heart of Africa.

Water Cave

The highlight of the ride is undoubtedly the water cave.

If you’ve managed to escape getting splashed up until this point, you’ll be certain to get wait once you exit the cave as it features a large waterfall.

The ride is suitable for little ones who are at 42” or taller and at least 3 years old.

Congo River Rapids offers its share of thrills and is a great choice for children who are quite not tall enough for the roller coasters at Busch Gardens.

Before boarding the raft, make sure that you have your cell phone and any other electronic items tucked away safely as you will get wet on this ride.

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