Critter Castaways at Busch Gardens

Critter Castaways is an exciting show at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida.

You will fall in love with the animal performers and they never fail to keep everyone entertained!

Many different animals are involved, rescued cats and dogs, ducks, doves, exotic parrots and emus.

Even a pot- bellied pig makes a surprise entrance!

Everyone will be impressed by this show.

Expert Animal Trainers

Expert animal trainers have designed the performance.

They have created a hilarious and entertaining experience.

The whole family will be laughing from beginning to end and there are some unexpected twists!

The hard work that trainers put in to create this awesome show is exemplified by the amazing tricks performed by the animals.

Critter Castaways highlights the incredible bond that can be created between humans and animals, you are sure to be inspired.

Bird Gardens Theater

Critter Castaways is shown at the Bird Gardens Theater.

The background is an incredible sunken ship scene.

Performances take place several times a day.

Guests are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early as this is a very popular event.

Some handicapped seating is available.

See the Busch Gardens website for further details.

Meet The Cast

Make sure to hang about after the show to meet the cast!

This is an incredible opportunity for children to have their photos taken with their new idols.

If you are visiting Busch Gardens, do not miss this event.

It has had extremely positive feedback and will wow the whole family.

Critter Castaways is an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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