Jambo Junction at Busch Gardens Closed

Named after a Swahili greeting, Jambo Junction is one of the few attractions at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida that lets you go behind the scenes of the park and into its animal care facilities.

Along the way, a friendly guide will introduce you to some of the parks most beloved animal ambassadors.

The attraction is aimed at families and is suitable for children of all ages.

There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with the animals and ask your guide questions as well.

Animal Ambassadors

The animals you’ll get to meet will vary on the day of your visit, but can include flamingos, lemurs, sloths, flemish rabbits, tarantulas, armadillos and several other species.

The animal ambassadors will be brought out one by one and you’ll be in a small group where you can get close to each animal.

If it is permitted, the guide will invite everyone to pet the animal or even feed it where possible.

Most of the animal ambassadors are used to human presence and are more than comfortable in their roles.

Educational Presentation

You’ll learn a lot of information about each animal, including where they comes from, their natural habitat and feeding habits.

Children and adults alike can feel free to ask questions at any point during the presentation and photography is permitted.

This is a great opportunity to get a photo with some of Busch Gardens’ most cuddly animals.

To participate in the Jambo Junction experience, check the schedule with Busch Gardens ahead of time.

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