Jungala at Busch Gardens

Jungala is one of the most popular area with children at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida.

This tropical part of the park is full of amazing attractions aimed at Busch Gardens’ younger guests, but will appeal to adults as well.

Kids can cool off from the hot Florida sun at Jungala’s extensive playground, which features generous amounts of water through fountains and waterfalls.

Animal Ambassadors

Walking around, you’re likely to run into one or more of Busch Gardens’ animal ambassadors in addition to costumed animal characters and other child-friendly attractions.

There are also two rides geared especially for children in Jungle Flyers and Wild Surge.

If you get hungry, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from including the Orange Cafe and Bengal Bistro.

Bengal Tigers & Bornean Orangutans

Jungala’s main attractions are its gorgeous Bengal tigers and Bornean orangutans.

The innovative exhibits allow you and your family to observe these animals up close in wonderfully crafted habitats.

You’ll be in full view of the entire exhibit through large ceiling-to-floor glass paneling.

Behind The Scenes

You can also get a behind-the-scenes peek at how these animals live, and are cared for by partaking in the Jungala Insider experience, which can be booked in advance.

This includes a 45-minute tour with a member of Busch Gardens’ staff who will clue you in on the work it takes to maintain the exhibits and care for the animals.

To see the animals in their most active state, it’s best to visit them either in the early morning hours or around dusk.

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