Jungle Flyers

Jungle Flyers at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is a single-seat attraction that lets you to soar above the park like a bird.

The ride is similar to a ski lift in that it is composed of a long cable and the ride’s seats hang from this cable.

There are two parallel lines running the length of the ride’s course, allowing two separate participants at once.

Jungle Flyers is located 50 feet in the air and you’ll have to climb up a series of steps to the entrance of the ride.

Once you are securely strapped into your seat, you’ll be ready to take off.

Three Flight Patterns

Riders have a choice between three flight patterns, with the simplest taking you back and forth along the cable.

Like a ski lift or cable car, the ride is very smooth and gentle and is not intended to be high adrenaline.

As you glide across the sky like a bird, look down at the gibbon and flying fox habitat below you.

If you’re lucky, you just might catch a glimpse of the animals watching you.

Ride Restrictions

The minimum height and age restriction for Jungle Flyers is 48” and 6 years old respectively.

Passengers cannot exceed 220 lbs.

The ride is fairly short, lasting about a minute and the line for Jungle Flyers is also typically short.

If you time your flight correctly, Busch Gardens’ resident stilt walkers will be performing on the streets below you.

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