Lory Landing at Busch Gardens

Lory Landing is a popular animal encounter experience at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Tucked away behind the Bird Gardens, the attraction is located within a beautiful aviary and allows guests of the park to enter and feed the friendly parrots.


Lorikeets, often called lories for short, are medium-sized parrots originating from Australia.

The colorful birds feature deep blue, green, red, orange and yellow feathers.

In the wild these sociable parrots feed on nectar, blossoms and soft fruit like berries.

They are naturally curious, active and talkative and have been delighting Busch Gardens’ guests for years.

Feed The Lories

You’ll be able to feed the lories nectar in small plastic cups at the attraction.

You can purchase these cups before entering the attraction.

The lorikeets are friendly and active throughout the day and you won’t have to worry about spotting them or getting close to them.

They’ll come to you once you get a cup full of nectar.

If you stay still chances are that more than one will fly on your arm, shoulders or even head.

When visiting, try to see how many parrots you can get on your arm at once.

Before Noon

To get the best photos, it’s best to visit Lory Landing before noon when the lighting is optimal.

The attraction is suitable for the whole family and parents can use their discretion with their children holding their own nectar cups.

Though the lories are very friendly, they are not pet birds and should not be held or petted.

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