Montu Roller Coaster

Montu is perhaps Busch Gardens’ most popular roller coaster.

When it first opened in the mid-90s, it was the world’s tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster and is still packed with thrills almost 20 years later.

Montu was named after the Egyptian god of war and is located adjacent to the Edge of Africa attraction at the park.

The ride starts with a steep initial climb and kicks off with a thrilling left turn drop, followed immediately by a loop.

You then enter a tunnel before the ride starts its second major loop.

Twist & Turns

After a few twists and turns, the ride slows to prepare you for your second major descent and an additional set of speeding loops and rolls.

In total, you’ll experience 7 inversions during the ride in addition to several major twists and corkscrews.

Montu lasts approximately 3:00 minutes and covers a distance of nearly 4,000 ft.

A minimum height of 54” is required to take part in the ride.

G-forces on Montu hit 3.85 and you’ll also reach a staggering height of 150’ before descending into a 151’ foot drop.

Much of the ride has you falling at speeds approaching 70 mph and there are periods where you feel as if you might actually scrape the ground.

Due to Montu’s thrilling nature and popularity, lines for the ride can get very long during peak times.

However, Montu supports Quick Queue for those who would prefer not to wait in lengthy queues.

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