SandSerpent Formerly Known as Cheetah Chase

SandSerpent is a family-friendly roller coaster that was formerly known as Cheetah Chase and is a favorite with children and adults who prefer slightly gentler rides.

To start with, you board small cars that can accommodate up to 4 passengers.

Once you are fastened securely in your seat, the ride takes off on its initial climb.

SandSerpent reaches a peak height of 5-stories, but all the drops are fairly shallow and gentle.

Hairpin Turns

A key component of the ride is a series of hairpin turns that have you sidewinding your way around the track.

After a number of these turns, you’ll enter several climbs and dips before your car slows down to a stop.

The ride is approximately 1:40 and has a minimum height requirement of 46”.

Low Speed Ride

SandSerpent reaches a maximum speed of 28 mph and does feature any loops, inversions or steep drops.

As a result of its lower speed the ride is also level, means there are no banked turns or twists like on larger, faster roller coasters.

It also is composed of a steel track, which provides for a much smoother ride in comparison to wooden coasters.

As a result, you’re much more likely to hear laughs than screams as you wait in line to ride.

SandSerpent is a ride that the whole family can enjoy, with children as young as 6 permitted to ride provided they meet the height requirements.

Because of its mild nature, SandSerpent enjoys fairly short waiting times and lines when compared to other roller coasters at Busch Gardens.

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