SheiKra Roller Coaster

SheiKra diving roller coaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is a thrilling ride that will appeal to your adrenaline-seeking side.

Passengers board the ride’s floorless cars in 3 rows of 8 before embarking on a slow and steady 200-foot ascent.

Teetering at the top of the ride, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of Busch Gardens and the surrounding area before being plunged down a 90degree drop where the roller coaster reaches speeds of 70 mph.

Thrills & Scream

The thrills don’t end there though, as the ride then goes into a swirling loop and inversion before entering a second scream-inducing drop into the wide mouth of a tunnel.

The tunnel then opens up to a pool of water where you make an emphatic splash and douse water on those waiting in line.

In total, the ride lasts approximately 2 ½ minutes.

Due to the nature of the ride, SheiKra passengers must be at least 54” tall.

Since opening in 2005, it has been consistently rated as one of the best roller coasters in the nation.

Golden Ticket Award

In fact, it received the Golden Ticket Award for best new ride in 2005.

At 200 feet tall, it’s easily the tallest roller coaster in Florida and has quickly become a favorite at Busch Gardens.

Due to its popularity, lines for SheiKra can get quite long, especially during peak hours.

One way to avoid a long wait is to use Busch Garden’s Quick Queue Service.

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