Skyride at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida gives passengers an incredible aerial view of the park.

It is comprised of a partially enclosed chairlift, similar to some lifts found at ski resorts.

All passengers must board the ride at Crown Colony, located very near to the park’s entrance.

The slow-moving ride enables you to see some of Busch Gardens’ best animal habitats from a unique perspective.

Ride Path

The route of Skyride travels from Crown Colony to the Edge of Africa.

Here you will find yourself gliding over hippos and lions.

As you travel further to the Rhino Rally area, there will be elephants, rhinos and watusi cattle beneath you.

Heading towards the formidable Kumba roller coaster, the Skyride then makes a sharp turn before entering the second part of the ride.

Once the ride turns you’re directed away from the animal habitats and some of the park’s best roller coasters and rides are revealed.

Along with the mighty Kumba, the Timbuktu area will be on your left.

Here you’ll see the Scorpion roller coaster and several other attractions.

Skyride ends in the Congo area of the park where you’ll be able to easily cool off at wet rides like Tanganyika Tidal Wave or Stanley Falls Flume.

In order to ride Skyride, you must be at least 56” inches tall.

The ride reaches a maximum height of 42 feet and provides not only a great way to view Busch Gardens’ animals, but also gives you a better idea of the layout of the park.

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