Stanley Falls Flume

The Stanley Falls Log Flume ride is a wet and thrilling trip down one of Busch Gardens’ most popular attractions.

To begin, you board a small boat in the shape of a log.

The “log” can seat up to four passengers and once you are seated, you’ll start a swift and jostling ride down the flume.

After a bit of sloshing, your boat will come up against a steep climb that ends in a short drop.

Treetop Level

Now that you’re elevated, you’ll be in line with the treetops and have excellent views of surrounding rides and attractions in the Congo and Nairobi sections of the park.

As you round the corner, the flume will take you on a sudden drop where you are likely to get wet.

At this point the water begins to get rougher and you will feel your boat jostle around more as it ways its way down the waterway.

You’ll then take a 180 degree turn into yet another ascent into a final long and steep drop before ending the ride.

Great Wet Ride

Stanley Falls Flume lasts over 3 minutes and is one of the best wet rides at Busch Gardens.

Passengers must be at least 46” to ride in the boat and everyone who participates is guaranteed to get wet.

Stanley Falls is a very popular ride and can get very busy during the holidays and peak hours throughout the day.

However, the ride will accept Quick Queue holders for those who would prefer not to wait in line.

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