Tanganyika Tidal Wave

Tanganyika Tidal Wave at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida starts at gentle, but ends with quite the thrill.

Riders board generously sized boats before heading out into the water.

The ride is located in the Congo section of the park and you will feel like you’re sailing down a tranquil African river.

The banks of the river are surrounded by beautiful plant life and there will be several bridges spanning the water where passers by can watch your journey.

The peacefulness continues as you pass through a small cave to reveal a beautiful cluster of wooden homes on stilts that transport you from Florida to the jungles of Africa.

However, the tranquil nature of the ride only lasts for a few more minutes.

The Large Ramp

After meandering your way down the river, you’ll come across a large ramp that takes your boat high above the park.

Once you reach the peak, the second part of the ride begins and your boat will be thrust into a course of rushing water as you speed your way to the end.

The grand finale of the ride is an incredible 55 foot drop into the water.

The splash created by the boat is so large that bystanders on overhead bridges get splashed as all boat passengers also get engulfed in water.

In total, the ride lasts over 5 minutes and is available to visitors who are over 48” in height.

This is one of Busch Gardens’ wettest rides, so make sure to secure all cell phones and electronics before embarking.

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