The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at Islands of Adventure

Universal goes all out in this one of a kind Spiderman attraction.

This very popular ride is located in Islands of Adventure.

Attendees are invited to tag along under the alias of last minute recruited reporters.

They load up into a Daily Buglethemed transit called the “Scoop”.

The premise is that New York’s prized Statue of Liberty has been stolen via an anti-gravity gun by a band of villains set on taking the city by storm.

Spiderman has to battle villains in order to rescue the Statue of Liberty, return it to its rightful home on Liberty Island, and restore order to the city.

This amazing attraction has been re-mastered with HD quality images greatly improving the experience.

The ride is entirely enclosed and on the dark side.

The high tech special effects enhance riders’ experience by putting them right into the action.

Spiderman Nemeses

Riders follow close behind Spiderman as he battles his most notorious nemeses; Doctor Octopus, Scream, Electro, Hydro-Man, and Hobgoblin.

The experience is enriched and improved with mobile seating and 3-D images that are displayed on 13 different large screens.

The range of movement of the vehicles creates the illusion of floating as guests jolt from one villain to the next, scarcely dodging a pumpkin battering from the Hobgoblin and a serious thrashing from Doctor Octopus.

The end comes as Doctor Octopus switches off the antigravity device that has been keeping the spectators a float.

The “Scoop” plummets, only to be rescued just in the nick of time by Spiderman’s quick webbing skills.

Guest then exit the ride.

The most spectacular part of this journey is the “Scoop” vehicles.


Every “Scoop” costs several million dollars and requires a collaboration of multiple state-of-the-arch technologies working together in perfect synchronization, all in order to create the illusion of levitation and, later, free falling.

Huge overhead fans are fixed on the vehicles to create the illusion of rapid forward movement.

The technology is so advanced that the track requires 24-7 monitoring.

The Amazing Adventures Spiderman is one of the most popular at Islands of Adventure.

Expect Long Lines

Visitors pass through multiple rooms they are entertained with a pre-ride synopsis and an abandoned Daily Bugle office replication.

It is in the queue that guest find out their role in this adventure.

Editor in chief, J. Jonah Jameson, is so desperate for reporters since all of his employees have fled in terror.

He resigns himself to send in the tourists as news correspondents.

There is a height restriction of 40 inches on this ride.

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