Animal Actors on Location Show at Universal Studios

At Universal Studios’ Animal Actors On Location, furry animal actors and sometimes feathery, and sometimes scaly creatures take anything but a backseat, as they star in a one of a kind show.

Animal Actors is a fun, kid friendly attraction.

The production has been around since the beginning days of the park under various names, but was most recently updated in June of 2006.

There have been renovations to the stage, new themes and more wacky animal antics than ever before.

Park visitors are invited to participate in the excitement as volunteers are pulled directly out of the audience and onto the stage.

They receive hands on training and performance process.


The show features monkeys, dogs, birds, cats and pigs.

Each one shows off their theatrical prowess.

While the stars vary depending on the day, it is always guaranteed to be wagging good time.

These animals aren’t new to show business.

A lot of them had their start in the movies.

Now they take to the stage in their retirement from being in front of the camera here.

These animal actors played roles in films such as Evan Almighty.

Chances are you may feel inclined to ask for an autograph-or a paw print.

In conjunction with the animal talent, the Universal performers use humor to keep both kids and adults hooting and howlingin laughter.

The show is perfect for parents who have young children with a passion for their furry friends.

The trainers offer tips and advice for animal training both on stage and at home.

The most popular costar animals are dogs.

They take up the largest segment of the show.

Man’s best friend performs incredible feats and shows high levels of professionalism, self-control and obedience.

They act out theatrical scenes and tricks in front of a large live audience.

Guests are encouraged to take steps to make the participants feel at ease since all dogs get at least a stage fright.

On average, the show plays between four and five times daily.

Showings last for about twenty minutes, the average attention span of a child.

Parents praise the show saying that it is ideal for kids.

It’s a light-hearted break from all of the amusement park ado.

Show times are listed on park maps received at the park entrance.

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