A Day in the Park with Barney Universal Studios Florida

A Day in the Park with Barney is a children’s show adapted from Barney & Friends kid’s series.

Barney, the purple dinosaur, with his friends Baby Bop and BJ lead the guests in an interactive music session.

The young audience joins these characters as they dance, sing and clap on stage.

The theme is clear within the park and in its exterior.

A bronze statue of the purple dinosaur sits at the center of a fountain.

The pre-show area has vibrant, warm colors.

Pre Show

The procession into the park starts at the queue area.

The children walk into the pre-show hosted by Mr. or Mrs. Peek-a-boo, whose other names are Patricia Aloysius Bartholomew and Patrick Aloysius Bartholomew.

Their parrot Bartholomew also joins this elderly couple.

Peek-a-boo is a friend of the park’s characters.

Peek-a-boo is quite forgetful, but agrees to reunite the kids with Barney.

The pre-show prepares guests for the theater with songs and dances as they enjoy Peek-a-boo’s hilarious process of finding the door to the arena.

This host finally remembers to use the power of imagination to stop the fountain in order to unlock the door.

The group and their parents proceed to the park.

These fans sit in the air-conditioned theater on rows of benches that circle around the stage.

The raised platform, which acts as the stage, is visible from any end of the benches.

It resembles a real park with flowers and trees in the foreground.

Additionally, it snows, rains and leaves fall from the sky as participants and the characters sing and dance.

The ambient light changes during the show with a variety of colorful rays representing different times of day or night.

Barney Arrives

Peek-a-boo leads the audience in chants to bring Barney on stage.

The lights go out, music plays in the background and stars light up the sky awaiting the dinosaur’s arrival.

He leaps on the stage and confetti cannons shoot glitter in the air.

This echoes the transformation witnessed on the series.

The kids sing along with him before Baby Bop appears.

BJ whistles signaling his arrival on stage.

The trio leads guests in several songs and dances.

They are easy to sing along tunes such as If you are happy and you know it, Imagine a place, I love you and If all raindrops among others.

Barney’s Backyard

The 30 minutes show ends and Peek-a-boo ushers the group to Barney’s Backyard.

They receive autographs from the characters and take pictures.

Barney’s Backyard play area offers an educational and recreational spot.

It has echo tunnels, tree houses, chimes and fountains.

Attendees can skip the musical session and spend the day at the play area.

There are five daily shows.

The first one starts at around 11.30am and the last session is at 4.30pm.

This park is suitable for kids between two and six years.

The Barney Store caters for souvenirs and other gifts.

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