Caro-Seuss-El at Islands of Adventure

A carousel, or merry-go-round, is the staple entertainment ride for a child.

The Caro-Seuss-El, at Universalís Islands of Adventure Seuss Landing, is a perennial favorite.

Here, all of Dr. Seussís wild and one-of-a-kind characters are on display and available for riders of all ages.

Vibrant and colorful, these characters are fun to look at and exciting to ride.

A more-than-life-sized Horton the Elephant rotates on the very top, overseeing activities, and his dandelion, in his usual way.

Other smiling oddities are just a level below him.

Extra measures ensure this ride is more thrilling.

Caro-Seuss-El is Interactive

The first of its kind, Caro-Seuss-El is interactive.

By pushing a button, twisting a knob, pulling a lever or tugging on the reins, the rider controls the character during this four-minute whirl.

Make him blink, open and shut his mouth, or turn his head from side to side.

The tiny rider has the power.

Some of the wacky characters available are: Elephant Birds from Horton Hatches the Egg, Camels from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Cowfish from McElligot’s Pool, Mulligatawnies from If I Ran the Zoo, and Dog-a-Lops.

These are the imaginary favorites for all children.

With so many choice, and four animals deep, who can only ride once?

Seuss Landing

Seuss Landing is a specific area of Islands of Adventure designed for the younger child and his or her family.

The rides are gentler; geared for a tot.

Dr. Seuss’s happy characters are everywhere, greeting, meeting and are the integral part of all the rides.

True to Dr. Seuss’s books, no straight lines are used.

Adding to the effect is Hurricane Andrew damaged palm trees.

This unique, happy arena is the perfect place to introduce the smaller ones to the theme rides.

Nothing scary, creepy or a ride to fast, Seuss Landing is a place of giggles and memories.

Add shops and restaurants and your child’s day will be the best ever.

Although there are no height requirements, those under 48” tall must be accompanied by an adult companion.

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