Curious George Goes to Town Attraction at Universal Studios

Curious George Goes to Town is a playground for kids at Universal Studios Florida.

It has an aqua and a play section.

This 1998 attraction occupies the former location of The Bates Mansion Set.

It is part of the Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone.

The theme revolves around the adventurous monkey, Curious George.

He is a character in a number of children’s books, television series and film.

Creators of this park reconstructed the mischievous escapades of this character.

Curious George


Activities allow you to get wild and playful just like the monkey.

Enjoy playing and making fun of other visitors without being reprimanded.

In essence, it is the only place in the world where kids can get away with throwing bucketfuls of water at unsuspecting bystanders.

The décor and the colors are inviting for young people.

Open pages of giant books sit along the pavement.

They are extracts from the book about Curious George’s visit to town.

Children can squat in front of pages and read the adventures.

This is a great introduction of the character for kids who have not read the books.

The overall design reflects the town just like it appears in the book.


Each session in the playground takes about 25 minutes.

You walk in through a play section.

It starts at the animal show tent.

Young ones can play ball.

Adjacent to it is a water-based fun spot.

Springs of water erupt from the ground at random.

You can get wet trying to figure out this strange phenomenon.

The town square is the epitome of this aqua playground.

Children can get mischievous like Curious George.

They spray jets of water onto the crowd below.

This building has pumps and hoses.

There is a wide range of accessories for kids to use.

Pails of water fill on the roof of the clock tower, and once the alarm goes off, water squirts onto the street. 

Once the alarm goes off, water squirts onto the street.

Curiosity goes a notch higher in the obstacle course.

Kids have to determine the direction of water moving through a number of obstacles.

You should be prepared for this water filled play area.

It is important to carry a change of clothes or have a bathing suit.

Nearby is the ball factory.

Here cannons suck in foam balls and propel them at the crowd.

Kids join and participate by collecting balls and throwing them at the audience.

Participants in this park have to watch out because they can become prey at anytime.

You have to watch out before you can become a target at anytime.

Curious George Goes to Town is suitable for children as young as four years old.

There is a climbing vine for those who are agile.

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