Doctor Doom’s Fearfall Ride at Universal Studios

Doctor Doom is a spine tingling ride at Universal Studios Florida.

It opened in 1999.

Its theme is the Villain Victor von Doom, he is popularly known as Dr. Doom.

He has been featured in comic books, on film, television and video games.

His most popular appearance was in the Fantastic Four as an archenemy.

The ride is based on this popular comic strip.

He leads the monarchy of Latveria and conducts scientific research to improve his evil activities.

The Ride

This adventurous thrill ride has a set of towers standing at 199 feet.

Riders skyrocket 40 mph.

The chairs remain briefly immobile before plummeting back to the ground as the devious laughter of Dr. Doom echoes in the vicinity.

The entrance to the ride is designed to look like an action comic book page.

The robotic statues make the room feel like a perfect setting for danger.

The walls are adorned with strange wallpaper and the logo of Latveira embassy.

The setting is a clear indication of the suspense ahead.

The Queue

The adventure starts at the queue area.

The queue resembles the embassy of Latveria.

A short movie of Dr. Doom plays on the screens.

It details the invention behind his latest invention, and its ability to defeat the Fantastic Four.

Dr. Doom explains his latest invention, and its ability to defeat the Fantastic Four.

This footage sets the mood for the ride.

You become a subject of Dr. Doom and consent to have your fear extracted.

Your fear will become an ingredient for his weaponry schemes.

Loading Area

You proceed to the loading area.

Attendants strap you in.

16 riders are propelled up the two towers skyward.

There are restrictor bars to control unexpected jerks.

The shoulder straps keep you in an upright position with your backs to the beams.

The countdown begins and the set of chairs take off.

You scream, shout and yell as your shot upwards at a breathtaking speed.

Human Cannonball

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall ride turns you into a human cannonball thrown into space.

The suspense lingers throughout the ride.

You only have a few seconds at the top before the anxiety returns.

This ride can help confront your of fear of heights.

The change of gravity confuses the pack and people scream all the way down.

The abrupt change in gravity may confuse you.

You may find yourself screaming in horror all the way down.

Once the chairs plunge to the ground, the task is complete, Dr. Doom allows you to leave.

Visit the gift shop on the way out for souvenirs.

The high-rise pillars offer an uninterrupted view of Marvel Super Hero Island, Seuss Landing and Jurassic Park among others.

This thrill lasts for 5 minutes.

The height restriction is not less than 1.32 meters.

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