Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls Ride at Islands of Adventure

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls is located at the Toon Lagoon in Islands of Adventure.

It is adapted from the life of the 1961 awkward cartoon hero, Dudley Do-Right.

Dudley is a Royal Canadian Mountie policeman, who is somewhat clumsy and sports a sharp red and blue uniform.

His task is to end the schemes of his rival, gold feverish Snidely Whiplash, and to protect his girlfriend, the sweet horse loving Nell Fenwick.

The ride depicts the hero’s challenges to avert the evil maneuvers of Snidely in different scenarios.

You will experience three drops during this wet and stormy water ride in a log canoe

The eye catchy design resembles Dudley’s Mountie fort right down to the snow-capped roofs found in the Northern countryside.

Each area of this venue represents segments of the storyline.

Everything from the bright colors of flumes to the large characters face sculptures, and pool stones is picturesque.

You line up at the queue area before arriving at Snidely’s hideout.

His hideaway spot is a theater with television screens exhibiting spoofed films.

Watch humorous imitations of The Silence of the Lambs, Star Wars and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Proceed past talking heads of a bear and a beaver on the wall.

Snidely Kidnaps Nell

Observe footage as Snidely kidnaps the helpless Nell.

You are loaded onto to the log flumes to start your journey.

In the first room lights shine on forest animals playing musical instruments as the narrator announces that the ride is entering an exciting episode.

Dudley Do-Right appears and vows to save the lovely damsel.

As you climb a hill the conniving Snidely suddenly appears with Nell.

His cynical laugh echoes throughout the room.

The Log Boats

The logs take you outdoors for a scenic attractions of Islands of Adventures.

The log boats transport you past Dudley Do-Right, Horse and Nell and her father the Inspector who is tied to the railroad.

The logs then travel through a cave.

Gaze up to observe the approaching train beams coming your way.

Expect a thrill as thrill the swerves the train to avoid a crash.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you plunge several feet down.

The villain conjures other attempts to destroy Nell but the hero thwarts them successfully.

He ignites dynamite to send you free falling.

A shed explodes as you plummet down.

The plunge and water soaks you.

This last drop places the logs into an outside pool.

The boats slide downstream.

Hoses on the side of the slide spray water towards the boats.

The cartoon sounds heighten the expedition.

The audio enhances the experience.

The ride takes about 7 minutes.

It is a wet experience.

Must be above 44 inches or taller to ride.

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