Fear Factor Live: Live the Experience

You have gasped and gagged from the safety of your home.

You have cringed in disgust and admiration.

Now, if you are brave enough, you can live the thrill.

Since the spring of 2005, Universal Studios has been inviting guests to participate in the live rendition of Fear Factor.

So here’s how the game works…

For every show, there is one winner selected.

Every show consists of three daring stunts performed by competitors-all park attendees.

The first is the most physically demanding.


The three contestants participate in an endurance hang where they must use all of the strength that they can muster to hang from handlebars rigged into rafters.

After the two weakest contestants are eliminated, competitors move on to the eel tank relay.

The competitors have to work in teams to retrieve beanbags from a water tank of live eels.

They must throw bean bags to their tethered partner who must catch them in a bucket-while suspended in mid-air!

Here is where the audience really gets to have some fun with the competitors!

Audience members are selected to use water cannons, which cross the path of the competitor’s toss.

This is a two-part act.

The second part of this stunt comes when the competitors have to switch from beanbags to rotten octopus.


Each round only lasts for thirty seconds, so participants really need to be fast even in the face of rotting sea creatures.

The final round takes the pair with the best score from the eel relay and pins them against each other.

Competitors have to race to retrieve flags from windowsills.

Once all of the flags are retrieved on ground level, they board a yellow convertible, which raises them 28 feet in the air.

Contestants must race to retrieve the flags at a more daring height while is tilted at 15 degrees.

The first contestant to retrieve all flags shoots a target with a rocket launcher and is declared the winner.

When necessary, mini stunts are preformed to break ties.

These consist of eating putrid mixtures of sour milk, meat, insects, and seafood as well as, subjecting partners to cockroaches, spiders, or scorpions-on their face!

Show Info

A few things to keep in mind if you have your heart set on this shocking attraction:
  1. The attraction is only available during peak tourist seasons.
  2. Universal Studios offers between 3 and 4 showings daily, so be sure to check the schedule before heading to the park. Don’t forget to arrive fifteen minutes before show time to guarantee you and your family seats!
  3. There is a casting process conducted to select the 6 main participants for each show.
  4. Additionally, 18 audience members will be selected to assist with the stunts during the showing.
  5. Participation is completely voluntary for those wishing to remain spectators.
If conquering phobias and testing your limitations is on your bucket list, let Universal help you kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks to Fear Factor Live, you can enjoy world famous rides all day, with a healthy dose of terror and disgust in the middle!

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