Fievelís Playland at Universal Studios

Fievel’s Playland is one of the attractions at the Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone.

The attraction is at Universal Studios Florida.

It is an interactive play park, adapted from a cartoon film known as An America Tail.

This 1986 movie revolves around the adventures of Fievel Mouskewitz.

The journey is narrated, telling about his Russian family as they travel to America.

The playground is a depiction of elements of this film.

Fievel’s Playland differs from other venues in the Kidzone.

It uses a unique concept.

Adventurous Playground

The imagineers designed the adventurous playground with giant structures from ordinary home appliances.

They drew motivation from the oversize props of the mice family in the film.

The theme resonates perfectly in this field because everything is oversize.

Guests experience the life of a tiny mouse living amidst human trash and gadgets.

The film props used become part of the play park.

A statue of Fievel stands on the entrance welcoming guests into the film set.

Guests turn into mice upon entry.

Vibrant colors and buildings cover the park.

The most striking aspect is the size of the structures.

A large barrel with holes squirts water into a can of salted sardines, cups, tins and even a spoon.

Every section of the area has activities and attractions.

All areas are filled with exciting activities.

The range of games caters to all.

Attractions in Fievelís Playland

You will explore a gigantic cowboy boot.

The dark interior of the boot creates an adrenaline rush as you uncover the way through to the other side.

Those who want a height challenge can rush to the spider web.

You climb a 9.1meters net.

The spider web can ensnare those who are not energetic and patient.

This fantasyland has a maze of cans.

You can crawl into just as a mouse.

In addition, Fievel’s Playland offers a 61meters water slide.

To get to the slide, you go through the Mouse Climb tunnel.

It draws the biggest crowds.

After climbing to the top, you sit on a raft that slides along into a sardine can.

Parents accompany their kids in the mad ride downstream.

This slide takes about 15 seconds.

A collection of mazes, tunnels and ladders caters all.

There are spoon seesaws to keep you occupied.

You will be impressed by the sheer size of these objects.

It is safe for kids since a foam pad covers the playground.

Everyone will have fun at the water slide and the spider web.

The size of these structures makes it easy for older participants to enjoy comfortably.

The sheer size of these structures makes it easy for all participants to enjoy comfortably.

There are numerous photo venues to take images in this fantasy world.

This attraction opens at about 9am daily.

The weight limit is 200 pounds, and riders must be at least 40 inches tall.

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