Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida.

This 1999 attraction is a vertical lift with a speed of 65 miles per hour.

It towers over buildings in the theme park.

The red track is thousands of feet long with unrivalled features.

Several loops intertwine and circle through holes and vertical lifts.

Designers installed over 30 LED lights.

You will enjoy the music streaming on the screen throughout.

The lights illuminate in different colors at night.

The conveyer belt delivers the train in seconds.

It does not stop completely.

Entering the Attraction

Walk up a flight of stairs to the entrance.

Line up on the main or the single rider queues.

Large screens play safety footage.

Video disc jockeys appear on the screen.

They explain how to select music.

Step on the moving sidewalk that loads and unloads you onto or off of the train.

There are seven trains with a capacity of 12 guests in each X car.

The coaster cars are set low to the track.

You will go through some extraordinary maneuvers.

Get into the car and lower the restraining bar.

You have about 45 seconds to get ready.

Select the song you want to listen to from the touchpad on the bar.

100 Tracks of Music

Rock your head to over 100 trakts of classic rock, pop, country, disco or rap.

Hidden tracks lie on the screen before you.

To gain access, press and hold the button.

Two speakers on the headrest play music.

It’s an explosive experience with about 90 decibels of sound.

Audio from the next seat does not interfere with your selection.

Attendants perform a safety check before the adventure starts.

Music plays in the background as you climb the first hill.

The video camera starts recording.

The ride has 6 digital cameras on the train and 8 on the track.

Look at the sky for a few seconds before the descend starts.

The cars rest on a platform.

Riders seated in the back can see ahead.

The train drops rapidly and enters the Double Tale loop.

It makes a right turn and goes through a hole.

There are surprising twists and turns that amaze.

Twists and Turns

Enter the Treble Clef before the roller coaster goes through the Jump Cut corkscrew.

Excitement goes up a notch higher when you drop and propel travel straight.

A series of drops, climbs and turns pump adrenaline into your system.

There are several sharp bends that make you grasp your lap bar.

Plot Twist is the last loop.

Five sets of brakes ensure the car stays on the track.

Engineers used a mixture of sand and gravel to decrease the noise generated.

No dull moments arise throughout.

The train gets back to the station.

Get onto the conveyor belt next to the exit.

Participants must be above 51 inches.

The ride takes about one and a half minutes.

This attraction can accommodate 1850 guests every hour..

You can acquire a picture or the video footage of your ride from attendants as you exit.

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