Universal Studios Horror Make Up Show

Universal Studios is a fantastic park on all fronts.

It is one of the interesting theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

America’s best theme parks call this city home.

There is a lot going on here that most visitors don’t realize.

This is where the Universal Studios Horror Make up Show is hosted.

Big fans of horror movies will enjoy the amazing chills that come with getting spooked

The show was inspired by a make up show known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Faces’.

The current version offers guests some exclusive behind the scenes insight of filmmaking.

This show is hosted in the lobby at the Pantages Theater, where exhibitions of Universal Horror movies are on display.

All can expect to see video clips of hit films in the horror movie industry such as Psycho, Van Helsing and Jaws on large screen plasma screens.

Make up Artists

This sneak peak precedes the main show.

Once guests settle in the theater, the fun begins with the show running for around 45 minutes.

The show displays scary yet fascinating presentations of what goes into creating the grisly and scary sights normally seen in these gory films.

Be prepared to get an up close and personal view of some of the tricks that make up artists and special effects professionals use to make scary film creations.

You will also get to learn some of the skills used to create legendary horror characters such as Hellboy, Dracula and the Wolfman.

Learn how technology such as computer generated imaging, traditional make up techniques combined with visual effects bring magic to movies.

You might even get picked to take part in one of the demonstrations.

The sight of blades embedded in a human scull, squirts of blood and cut off limbs can be a bit terrifying and even scare some people out of their wits.

The horror make up show is quite hilarious, in that all the stunts on display are not real.

Aside from the dazzling and mind blowing movie secrets being disclosed, clips of legendary horror movies are played during the show.

Posters of famous Universal Horror movies are hung along the walls of the hallway that leads to the exit of the theater.

It is the perfect place to experience Universal Studios spooky side.

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