The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure

The Incredible Hulk is a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios Orlando.

This 1999 attraction uses the superhero, Hulk.

In the comic books, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner transforms into this enormous, green, temperamental character after exposure to radiation.

Guests get a first hand experience of the life of this doctor and the Incredible Hulk he becomes.

They walk into his laboratory and accidentally turn into green superheroes after a botched experiment.

This steel coaster is part of the Islands of Adventure theme park

The exterior of this attraction looks like a green spiral spring.

Turns, Loops & Corkscrews

The major elements are its twists, turns, a cobra, Zero G rolls, two loops, and two corkscrews.

Generators power this energy sapping attraction.

Riders walk in through the queue area.

Television screens play footage about the Hulk.

It allows first time visitors to understand the story behind the giant.

Prepare to Ride

Dr. Banner explains that he hopes to reverse the changes caused by radiation with guest as volunteers to assist him in this process.

The crowd heads toward the lab.

The laboratory has scientific paraphernalia such as a gamma center.

The coaster is visible through peepholes and its noisy contraptions resound in the air.

Riders move to the loading area in the gamma tube.

A confident Dr. Bruce proclaims that the invention is a success.

However, another voice announces possible malfunctioning of the system.

This leads to a frantic attempt to stop the launch but it is too late.

Lights flicker as the train is launched.

The siren sounds and the doctor’s cry of disappointment fill the air.

Coaster Details

The train pushes out of the gamma tube at 40 mph.

It drops 105 feet from the tube and coils through the cobra roll.

It curves down through a loop before circling the gamma tube.

The series of twisting turns and swerves are swift.

Restraining bars glue them to the chairs.

They hold onto the shoulder straps and scream their way through the maze.

The roller coaster ricochets through a corkscrew and a loop.

Acceleration drops rapidly before it gains maddening speed as the train falls through another corkscrew.

The blend of roaring sounds, riders’ screams and anxiety creates a climax.

A series of turns follow as the train slows down before returning back to the station.

This fun flight is about 2 minutes long.

Each train has eight cars that sit four riders per row.

In total, each train accommodates 32 people.

Every hour, over 1000 fans enjoy the thrilling adventure through the maze.

The train travels at a speed of 67 mph.

The track is 3,700 ft long and 150 feet high.

At night, the track is illuminated a radioactive green.

The height limit is a minimum of 54 inches.

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