Jurassic Park Discovery Center -  Islands of Adventure

Step back in time with the most remarkable attraction in Florida.

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Islands of Adventure is based on the movie Jurassic Park.

It covers 21 acres and is one of the largest attractions on the island.

The Welcome Center in the movie has been replicated here.

Other than looks, it is completely different.

You will see windows replaced with scenery from Jurassic Park etched into the walls.

Upon entering, you will find skeletons of different dinosaurs from the movie.

“The Center”

As you make your way inside the building, you will come to a place called “the Center”.

In the center, there is an eating area, gift shop and more 3-D murals depicting scenes from the rain forest. 

Children may find this exciting as the playground at the Center is based on a dinosaur theme.

The main floor is filled with child friendly learning activities.

You can press buttons to hear dinosaur calls. 

Another wall allows children to hunt for buried dinosaur bones.

One fun activity is called “Mr. DNA”. 

Here, you take a short quiz and then place your face in a 3-D model.

The computer scans your face and combines your DNA with that of a dinosaur.

This hybrid human and dinosaur creature is shown on the screen, but then you are told it is unstable and will be abandoned. 

Hatching Baby Dinosaur

Another favorite part of the experience is that of the hatching baby dinosaur.

An hourly announcement is made over the intercom that a baby dinosaur is about to hatch.

A scientist holds a hatching egg.

You will be amazed as the infant dinosaur emerges from its shell.

It is really just a complex robot, but it looks so realistic. 

Beware hatching times are not prescheduled.

Other parts of the exhibit are just as impressive. 

Three large and lifelike dinosaur models are in the exhibit hall for you to play with.

You can also use the viewer and move the dinosaur's head.

Continuing on through the “Center”, you will find an arcade where there are games about dinosaurs.

You can play against other guests and test how much you have learned from the exhibits.


The highlight of the trip, however, is Savannah.

This “full size” baby triceratops dinosaur is quite entertaining.

Beautiful Savannah is a robotic animal that moves.

You can interact with this baby dinosaur and actually touch it.

She will respond to your touch with grunts and even cries.

Some people that get really close to the baby dinosaur's head can even get a quick, but harmless, bite.

She may nip at you should you get too close.

Leave Jurassic Park Discovery Center with a wealth of knowledge about these prehistoric creatures.

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