Jurassic Park River Adventure

Make sure to visit the Islands of Adventure to experience Jurassic Park, the amazing water ride.

The Jurassic park river adventure will make your holiday memorable.

This journey showcases how life on earth existed during the pre-historic age.

The ride is both interesting and thrilling.

The attraction is one of must visit places at the Islands of Adventure.

As you wait in line to hop on the vessel, you will receive information about dinosaur species and safety tips.

You will get the chance to watch presentations of the ‘Jurassic Island’ on large TV screens as well.

The Jurassic park river adventure is a great experience that captivates everyone with its scenic thick jungle vegetation and animatronic dinosaurs looming in backdrop.

A narrator makes the ride an educational one as well.

The course is also quite scenic and very serene when riding through the initial section.

The ride is very serene through the initial section.

You certainly want to bring your camera with you.

The ancient tree species and dinosaurs on the banks of the river are great photo op moments.

Kids will find this experience to be mesmerizing.

The Detour

The boat is led off course into a paddock area.

You can clearly see that the detour taken by the boat is not part of the ride.

The boat continues on its course, taking you through an environmental systems building where the ultimate waits.

Upon entering this part of the course, resounding sirens can be heard as dinosaurs start to appear.

This chilling experience will give you an adrenaline rush.

For the climax, a gigantic T-rex reaches towards the boat before you take a dramatic 26m drop into the calm lagoon below.

A Jurassic Park river adventure is indeed the best way to have some fun while visiting Orlando.

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