Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios

You’ve seen the movies.

You know the plot.

You have even worn a Men In Black inspired Halloween costume.

Now you can live the experience.

Universal Studios offers the interactive attraction Men in Black: Alien Attack.

Riders will experience being a rookie as a Men In Black agent trainees.

Load up with your team as you are pinned against another team in a raft-like cart.

Arm yourselves with futuristic firearms and head directly into the line of fire to save New York City from a crashed ship of alien invaders.

Ride Details

Teams get points by shooting aliens with laser guns.

Towards the end of the ride teams will receive a customary rating on their alien slaying success.

Are you alien bait?

Or are you a galaxy defender?

Throughout the ride, Agent Jay (Will Smith) offers some of his famous snarky comments, right up until the end when he erases your memory.

Interactive Queue

The waiting line for this attraction is very interesting.

Patrons get to spend some time with everyone’s favorite caffeinated aliens as they mooch in the employee kitchen.

Before boarding, players pass through a perfect recreation of the Men In Black headquarters.

The lights flash on and off, your vehicle spins, and aliens zap “pop out” as your adrenaline pumps.

Remember, this ride is an Alien Attack competition!

So if winning is your goal try to remember to shoot for the aliens on the second level.

The aliens that are higher up are worth more points.

Anytime you see an alien that is a less obvious target, go for that one!

They rack up more points for your team.

Must be 42 inches or taller to ride.

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