Poseidon's Fury Escape from the Lost City

Poseidon's Fury Escape from the Lost City is an attraction at Universal Studios Florida’s Islands of Adventure.

Stroll over to the Lost Continent to find this show.

Walk past several Greek statues as you enter into the show area.

The most striking figures are at the entrance.

Look for the hand that shields a sword.

The exterior of the auditorium resembles a Greek city with gothic architecture.

It depicts the Greek theme beautifully.

Observe as a fountain gushes out of an open mouth, and flaming torches perched next to stone sculptures.

Winding walkways lead to the city.

Tour Guide

Meet a witty tour guide in the ceremonial chamber, which acts as the queue area.

Flickering torches light the room dimly.

However, it is dark throughout.

He explains the history embedded in the chamber walls.

Glance at the portraits of the hero and the villain Lord Darkenon as the narration proceeds.

Proceed through a 40-foot water vortex tunnel to the walk through arena.

Experience a different feeling unlike other attractions where special effects generate pools in front of you.

This one allows you to creep from a dark cave into the lost city.

The water swirls to create a misty presence in the tunnel.

It connects you to the underworld with water traveling at 90 mph.

Travel to the undersea to explore the ruins of Poseidon.

Taylor, the archeologist explains mystic occurances in Atlantis as the crowd moves from one room to the other.

Special effects recreate the temple turning the room into a scene out of a Greek mythology.

Lord Darkenon sealed the walls to the chamber and sacrificed every person within to boost his power.

Lord Darkenon Battle With Poseidon

This led to a battle with Poseidon, as the power of evil triumphed over good.

He returns and captures the audience.

The hero arrives and leads the rescue.

The room turns into a battlefield between the two legends.

Run for your life to escape the explosions that rock the building.

Duck and avoid fireballs and lasers that target riders.

Poseidon spits water over the fiery flames of Lord Darkenon.

Fires erupt within nose range of the battle.

Gallons of water pour over the area almost forming a blanket over the audience.

It cools the air.

The temple’s foundation becomes shaky when objects fly through the air, as you must exit before the crash.

The race back to the surface begins with mortars flying through the air.

There is a mad rush to the transformation room to escape the war.

Overall, the adventure takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Crowds of about 100 can enjoy the ride at one time.

Feel the intense heat stemming from the crash.

The intensity is surreal.

The design team innovations ensure the ride is appealing and modern.

They use pyrotechnics to create flame and water effects.

The detailed layout of the underworld is magical, makes the ancient city appear trapped under the water.

The explosive battle is waged with water cannons and mortars.

There are about four shows daily.

They start from 10am to 6pm.

It is a fun activity for all ages.

The Treasures of Poseidon store offers souvenirs of the battle.

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