Revenge of the Mummy: Not Just Another Roller Coaster

Revenge of the Mummy became an instant classic for the lovers of thrillers and indulgers of gallows humor.

Universal Studios has brought this blockbuster film to life by combining a roller coaster with high-tech entertainment, making the ride both theatrical and stimulating.

Audience members relive this cinematic masterpiece as they board into a mine cart and take off on an adrenaline pumping adventure.

Park attendees enter the queue through the Museum of Antiquities where the soon to be victims are invited to look at ancient Egyptian antiques.

The antiques feature props from the original film.

The lines winds down into the underground where it is transformed into a dig site until riders eventually come out at the entrance to the coaster.

Ride Description

Indoor Roller Coaster

The roller coaster is entirely enclosed indoors.

It begins with the rider’s mine cart being wheel into a recreation of Imhotep’s tomb.

The Mummy threatens riders.

He tells them that he intends to take their souls in order to rule for all of eternity.

Immediately following his ominous threat, the cart darts into the adjoining room where it crashes with a wall and scarab beetles flow through a crack in the wall.

The cart quickly takes off as the mummy screams more chilling threats at guest.

The roller coaster moves at up to 45 miles per hour and the highest drop in the attraction stands at 39 feet and drops at 50 degrees.

While 45 miles per hour is relatively calm for a roller coaster, the darkness that envelops passengers intensifies the experience.

As the roller coaster is enclosed, the majority of the attraction is very dark.

Imhotep appears to jump out at you several times-both on large screens and through physical recreations.

The ride last three minutes that is including both theatrics and high speed thrills.

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