Shrek 4-D: The Ultimate Ogre Experience

Don’t despair, Shrek fans!

The adventure is not over yet.

Universal Studios has taken Shrek to a new level.

Shrek: 4-D takes place between Shrek films one and two.

Universal has out done the original film.

True to the motion picture they maintain nonstop action with quick and quirky humor.

They have further enhanced the Shrek experience in this exciting 4-D attraction by bringing the story to life with superior special effects and voicing from the original, world renowned vocal cast.

Interactive Queue

Of course, there is usually some wait time.

But, as always, Universal Studios manages to keep even the queue interesting.

Audience members wait outside where posters exhibiting advertisements for Duloc are on display and they are shown clips from the first Shrek movie to refresh their memories.

Prior to the showing, guests are guided into a recreation of Duloc’s dungeon where Fiona’s dire situation is revealed.

The Magic Mirror provides audience members with a brief synopsis of Shrek and Fiona’s fairy tale love only to be interrupted by the notorious Lord Farquaad.

The ghostly prince demands that the location of Fiona and Shrek be revealed to him immediately.

When no one comes forward, he threatens audience members and fairy tale creatures with torture until he finds Fiona.

The Ride

Park attendees are invited into the auditorium where they don 3-D glasses and buckle themselves into big cushy seats.

They are then taken on an adventure, accompanied by Shrek and his snarky sidekick, Donkey.

Together you seek out to rescue Fiona, who has been kidnapped by the recently undead Lord Farquaad.

Audience members follow along for the ride as their seats bump, bop and vibrate.

Attendees physically engage with the story as characters move in and out of the screen and objects whoosh, whirl and zip past them.

In addition to mobile seating, the animated attraction is enhanced with windy and watery special effects that keep the audience members clinging to their seat during the entire production.

Park attendees hurtle through the forest, ride on a dragon, and plummet over the edge of a waterfall in the quest to rescue Princess Fiona from her captor.

The attraction is deemed appropriate for all ages, so bring the kids and join Shrek on another of his big escapades.

Just remember, children under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult, so guardians need to come along for the ride!

This attraction provides the 4-D animation which is  physically interactive or the 3-D experience from the stationary seating area.

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