The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios

The Simpsons Ride is a simulated motion ride based on the famous cartoon family of the Simpsons.

This 6-minute adventure takes guests through a fantasyland known as Krustyland.

Krustyland is a creation of the renowned miserable Krusty the Clown.

The ride replaces Back to the Future at Universal Studios Florida.

The Simpsons Ride uses modern technology to create impressive cartoon images.


The journey to this low budget theme park starts upon entry through Krusty the Clown’s open mouth.

The first stop is the queue area where dozens of televisions show scenes from Krustyland.

It also contains posters indicating the fun available in other sections of the theme park.

Riders then proceed to the pre-show to watch a pre-ride safety movie presented by Itchy and Scratchy.

Krustyland rollercoaster passengers drop, rise, fall and crash through Springfield and beyond.

Sideshow Bob

The Simpsons lead other roller coaster riders plummeting down the ride into a death trap set by evil Bob.

Additionally, the motion imitates the ascents or descends in the video through its 3D animation and high-resolution projectors.

Sideshow Bob’s sarcastic, evil and loud voice resonates throughout the land on over 100 speakers.

The sound effects turn these actions into heart retching experiences.

The animated clips combined with the 6.1 surround sound generate an almost surreal scene.

Ride may not be suitable for people with claustrophobic tendencies

This thrilling journey with the Simpson family lets riders experience the high culture of Springfield.

The inconvenient Kwik-E-Mart offer a range of items associated with the cartoon family.

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