Storm Force Accelatron Islands of Adventure

Storm Force Accelatron Islands of Adventure

The Storm Force Accelatron is what is known as a flat ride located in Marvel Super Hero Island.

This means that the ride does not have hills and drops along the track.

If you think that a flat ride is boring, then you are in for a great surprise.

Based on the X-Men franchise, this ride allows you to control much of the experience.

The setting for the ride is that the character Storm is battling her nemesis Magneto.

The pod shaped cars move and zoom around the track in tight circles.

The benefits of your family riding this together are many.

No Height Restrictions

First, there are no height restrictions so your kids can go with you.

If they are under 48-inches they will need to ride with an adult.

This attraction is indoors, you can enjoy it rain or shine.

Third, you can manage the intensity of the ride controlling the spin.

A control wheel is located inside each car.

The faster you turn the wheel, the faster the car spins.

Fourth, it only lasts one and a half minutes.

The wait time for the Accelatron is usually less than ten minutes.

Kid Friendly Ride

This is the most child friendly ride in the Marvel Super Hero Island.

A story is included over the speakers, telling you to spin the car faster to create more energy for Storm to defeat the enemy.

A recorded narration instructs you to spin the car faster.

The faster you spin the pod, the more energy is produced for Storm to defeat the enemy.

The cars spin inside a domed building.

The dome is colored gold and looks and resembles a power generator.

A twenty-foot lightning rod is on top of the dome.

It creates lightning and harnesses the power of the spinning cars.

At night the power generator creates amazing lighting effects.

There are free lockers for storage of your items before you board the ride.

These lockers can be used for up to half an hour.

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