Terminator 2 3-D at Universal Orlando

It’s a Terminator fanatic’s dream come true.

Universal Studios did not skimp on this attraction.

With a 60 million dollar budget, everyone was on board from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself to the director James Cameron.

Additionally, Linda Hamilton who plays Sarah Connor stands alongside Schwarzenegger in the attraction and Stan Winston, special effects extraordinaire, hopped back on board to help bring the film to life-literally.

Cameron designed the terminator models used in the production.

The models stand at a stunning 8 feet tall.

The attraction is the first of its kind live action show.

It is truly a unique amusement park experience.

Attraction Info

The theatre seats 700 attendees.

The spectacle uses a matchless combination of live stage actions, a big screen, and amazingly high-tech special effects.

What’s more is the whole experience is in 3-D.

Audience members travel forward in time with the terminator into a wasteland.

Live stunt men perform incredible feats before your very eyes.

Audience members are sprayed with liquids and they physically feel.

See objects and cyborgs whoosh past them off of the screen.

True to Universal’s reputation, they even keep the wait time interesting.

The queue features songs from the original film.

There are dozens of television sets that feature comical skits of customers at Cyberdyne Systems.

The most recent advances and products offered by Cyberdyne with flash images of park attendees waiting in line.

Guests wear 3-D glasses disguised as safety visors.

They take off on a journey through a mini-sequel of the film.

Show times vary please check your park map for current times.

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