The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt Show

The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt Show is an attraction at Universal Studios Florida complex.

It is located in The Lost Continent’s section of the Islands of Adventures.

The show brings to life the mystic adventures of Sinbad the Sailor.

Sinbad faced numerous supernatural circumstances when sailing the sea during his first seven classic voyages.

Enjoy his eighth voyage firsthand as stuntmen recreate the drama.

Witness his magical encounters in battles just like in the books, films and series.

Watch this superhero fight the dark forces as he turns the devious cave upside down to free Princess Amoura.

Miseria The Sorceress

Miseria, the sorceress, attempts to defeat and kill the superhero.

The opposing sides meet at the battlefield.

Kabob, Sinbad’s sidekick, joins the struggle to defeat the sinister powers of Miseria.

Witch Miseria’s villains are ordered to stop the princess from fleeing.

Walk to the open-air arena where the action takes place.

Detailed décor greets you upon arrival at this attraction.

Sinbad’s emblem decorates at the entrance.

The theme is clear in all sections of the area.

The notice board announces when the shows starts.

Pass by the talking fountain where water spouts from an open mouth.

The Stage

The stage resembles an ancient cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

Some of these rock formations look like stretched out laughing skeletons.

Notice the décor of torn sails that hang from the roof and rope ladders leading to the watchtowers.

Boat wreckage and a giant octopus sit in a pool of water depict the lost world from the sea above.

Paraphernalia of wizardry articles such as skulls decorate the theater.

The skeleton of a dead man hangs from a rope.

Sit on the platform benches as Sinbad’s team evades the fiery tricks of Miseria.

The dome accommodates 1700 visitors.


The actors are decked out in eye-catching costumes.

These bright colored Arabian costumes are similar to the ones in the films.

Observe the sailor fly overhead as the action starts.

He lands on a tower and slides down into the arena.

Smoke creates an eerie scene as Kabob slides through icicle formations to join his leader.

They celebrate a successful treasure hunt.

Soon after, Princess Amoura appears on the platform surrounded my flames.

Experience the ensuing battle as the hero fights dozens of Miseria’s subjects.

They perform stunts that keep you on the edge of your seat.


Pyrotechnics turn the epic story into a blend of modern technology and live stunts.

Flames erupt from the ground as smoke engulfs the dome.

Music creates suspense and turns the room into a scene from an Arabic movie.

The most striking stunt is when a stuntman goes up in flames before he jumps into the water.

Get ready for some explosive flames that create heat even in the audience.

Prepare for the heat from explosive flames heading in your direction.

Additionally, watch out for the water splash since there is a pool smack in the middle of the benches, and a well in the podium.

Be on the lookout for the water splash.

Bring your family along to this 20-minute session of laughter and adventure.

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