Twister-Ride it Out at Universal Orlando

Twister…Ride it out is a simulated motion ride made from the film Twister.

This 18-minute adventure takes visitors through a brewing storm that belches out tornadoes, rain and fire.

Special effects emit fire through sewers, which combines with over 110 decibels of sound and artificial wind to create whirling tornadoes that destroy anything in site.

This action packed thrill ride occupies the buildings that previously housed the Ghostbusters attraction.

Unlike other rides that use roller coasters tracks, this is a walk through event that allows three rows of participants to get close to the action.

They stand on the deck, protected by railings only.

The storm chasing starts at the queue where monitors run footage of tornadoes and storms in Wakita, Oklahoma.

This was the location of the disaster drama Twister.

The panorama also shows pictures of tornadoes and how to rate their magnitude

Pre Show

Guests proceed to the pre-show where monitors play a scene from Twister.

Two actors from this film, Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, emerge with the destruction showing on the background.

They describe the destructive nature of tornadoes.

Their briefing details what to expect.

They also narrate their experiences acting in the film, and request visitors to enjoy the first hand encounter they will get in the dome.

The procession into the stage takes the group through winding, dark passageways.

Attendees walk into a replica of Aunt Meg’s residence in the film depicting the destruction.

The Storm

A weatherman appears on the monitor talking about a rainstorm in the neighborhood.

A siren warns the group of an approaching tornado.

Everyone rushes into the arena as evacuation measures are taken to protect all from the impending danger.

The simulation is set in the countryside outside a cinema theater and an eatery.

A storm in the vicinity grows until it reaches the foreground before viewers’ eyes.

At the start, the room is almost dark with a few lights blinking as the scene unfolds.

Suddenly, flashes of light are intertwined with a tornado, electric sparks and rain.

Giant fans blow winds into the dome at maddening speed.

The storm lifts a cow and drops it in full view of the audience.

As lightening strikes trees, cars are propelled up before tumbling back down with impact.

The intense simulated heat overpowers the room instantly.

The spectators feel the intensity increase as the windstorm reverberates

At one point, gallons of water pelt the arena to signify the rain.

The deck also shakes throwing viewers into dismay.

The hall is wheelchair accessible.

There are hearing aids for the visually impaired.

The aftermath gift shop provides souvenirs for those who wish to carry mementos along with the experience.

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